PARVATI FRAGRANCE – Goddess of Perseverance - The Goddess Line - Roll-on Essential Oils

PARVATI FRAGRANCE – Goddess of Perseverance - The Goddess Line - Roll-on Essential Oils

PARVATI FRAGRANCE– Goddess of Perseverance
Goddess of Perseverance
 and the Princess of the Mountains, she is Shiva's female counterpart. She is worshipped as a goddess of perseverance and devotion. Receive the blessing of perseverance by wearing the scent of Parvati. Be prepared to receive the attention Parvati brings to those that will be drawn to you.
Cool, Vanilla, Flowery, Light & Sweet... just the most delicious scent you will ever know. Parvati is an ethereal vanilla and amber-based fragrance.
Do you get frustrated or angry? Everyday problems and challenges with work, school, relationships, or life can lead us feeling frustrated and upset. The Parvati fragrance can bring you comfort with a vanilla scent that is nothing short of absolutely delicious. Vanilla is used by aromatherapists to bring a feeling of comfort and treat frustration and anger. It is no wonder Parvati, notes of vanilla and amber mixed with sweet almond oil, is The Goddess Line's most popular fragrance.
Vanilla - Eases breathing problems and sleep apnea. Helps to calm your nerves and brain cells. It is therefore an ideal choice for aromatherapy treatment on chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and restlessness. And as an aphrodisiac, it can also be used to address a wide range of sexual health problems such as loss of libido, impotency, erectile dysfunction, and frigidity.

Organic Vanilla Oil
Organic Amber Oil
Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Great Compact Size for Travel
1/3 oz. Roll-on Bottle
Easy Glide Applicator
No alcohol or water
Vegan/Cruelty Free
Handmade in NYC

The Goddess Line Oils are a favorite on the Red Carpet in Hollywood. They have been written up in O-Magazine and featured on the Today Show! Definitely a unique find & a personal Yoga favorite. The Goddess Line creates great fragrances for soothing the mind in yoga and everyday comfort. The natural, organic oils bring vibrancy and moisture to the skin. They may be small but, these Goddess Oils are mighty. One roll on will last for a long time, a little bit goes a long way.

Because The Goddess Line oils contain volatile natural ingredients, store in a cool, dim place, away from direct sunlight and heat.
Why does my Parvati oil looks like it is crystallizing?
n the colder winter months, you may notice crystals forming in your Parvati oil. This is completely natural. Parvati oil has Vanilla and Amber in it. Vanilla oil and Amber oil are both normally solid at room temperature. To mix these ingredients into batches, the oils are heated in a hot water bath before diluting them with the carrier oils. If the Parvati oil is ever exposed to extreme cold temperatures, during winter shipping, the Vanilla and Amber can solidify. We don’t use synthetic chemicals to prevent natural changes from occurring in any of our oils. But this is an easy thing to fix! Just take your bottle, seal it in a zip lock bag, and dunk it into a cup of hot water for 10 minutes, and then give it a shake! It will bring the Parvati oil back completely to liquid, without damaging or deteriorating the natural oils. This process is similar to heating a bottle of frozen milk for a baby in a hot water bath, instead of a microwave, to preserve it’s quality.

High 5 Humans loves to support HANDMADE Products. Our brands mission is to empower artisans globally by creating growth opportunities, supporting causes and giving every artist a voice. Artisanal crafted goods ensure quality and the opportunity for women to support women in business. We believe that supporting MADE in the USA brings us all closer as a society, creating a better world. Buy, wear and enjoy these creations.

The Goddess Line Essential Oils were created in 2001, in Manhattan, using natural essential oils and locally sourced ingredients. Young and beautiful, creator Jackie has a mission to empower our souls. Each Goddess Oil represents various values such as Perseverance, Devotion, Knowledge, Empowerment, Wisdom, Strength, Courage, Abundance, qualities of true Goddesses… unlock the Goddess in you!

More than a unique and delicious scent, this product is an Aromatherapy… Calming the Mind, Body and Soul. With a focus on Sustainability, this company is Socially Conscious, Cruelty Free and gives 10% of all Profits to Charity.

Why you should consider Handmade in the USA... Businesses in nearly every production industry, especially fashion and beauty, are offshoring their work outside the United States in search of cheaper and faster labor. By them encouraging fast production, working conditions and quality become poorer. Business owners are doing this primarily for their own self-benefit. It is causing fewer jobs to be kept here in the US, which is hurting our local economies.

By shopping ethically with Handmade USA you support local women in business. You give locals the opportunity to rise, grow and contribute to the economy. You are able to learn where your product came from on a more personal scale with beautiful stories about beautiful people.

The Goddess Line Essential Oils are individually handmade and blended locally in New York City to ensure the ingredients are the highest and freshest quality. Shop Handmade, Support a Neighbor. High5Humans and YOU are making this a better world. Thank you so much for your purchase & for being a NICE HUMAN!