Hi! It's so nice to meet you:)

Madi & I are happy you're here & we'd love to share pieces of our lives that have brought us on this journey of Fair Trade & Handmade Fashion Accessories. We share a passion for socially conscious and ethical living. We hope you do too : )

Get to know us...

Christine's Journey (aka. Mama)...

After Christine spent twenty-five, loooong years, as a corporate executive in a stressful role as Director of Creative Product Development & Asia Operations, in the Gift, Home Decor & Party Industry, Christine felt it was time to blend her talents, knowledge & passion for the arts with a more purposeful pursuit of giving back. Making an impact on humanity, improving artisans lives around the world, and bringing their stories to life for others to experience that people from far off places have struggles that we all can come together to make this a better world. 

Christine’s daughter, Madison, ignited a passion within both of them. A simple  belief began our journey...

"Not one Human should Suffer to make Fashion"

Christine & Madison joined together to bring you High 5 Humans, which has been an empowering journey to discover new possibilities of hope through a shared self-expression of purpose, kindness, fashion, and most of all love & compassion for others. As an unstoppable, high energy Mother & Daughter Team, Chris & Madi are driven to CREATE something bigger than themselves.

"We started HIGH 5 HUMANS with a vision to EMPOWER WOMEN
to feel FASHIONABLE, BEAUTIFUL & most importantly, CONFIDENT. This is both for the Makers of Fashion & the Consumer that loves the connection of a Purchase with a Purpose & knowing the heritage of the item they so proudly wear."

For many of us the daily grind seems to be more stuff, more often, with the need for immediate gratification. Life is moving at a fast pace that can rob us of moments to savor. We challenge you to shift to a slower, more mindful way of being by turning your attention towards appreciating life and those we share it with.

As talented artists themselves, Chris & Madi are thrilled that their bond of Style & Art has brought them a successful business opportunity to share with many artists around the globe. High 5 Humans strives for positive change in humanity & to give opportunity worldwide to those that are less fortunate.

“At High 5 Humans we tell the story of beautiful people who make beautiful products.”- Madison

This duo has always admired the human expression through fashion & art… constantly visiting small artisan galleries & boutiques on their travels. They love discovering unique products and the talented artisans that create them. "An artisan handcrafted item pulls you in... there’s an impact it has on the maker as well as the viewer" - Madison.

This Mother-Daughter pair has a connection like no other, with a sisterly bond and a common love of the arts they spread their passion and inspiration to everyone they meet. They love supporting Fair Trade & Artisan made communities to build a bridge between the USA and developing countries globally.

HIGH 5 Humans is building relationships with so many nice humans along the way with Artisan Made & Ethically Sourced accessories for the mindful & modern woman. Beautiful handmade products can inspire one’s spirit to chase their dreams, set out on new adventures and connect with the world around us. Being a Global Design Community means…Together we are better. As Global Citizens we are proud to support Fair Trade Principles as well as Handmade Accessories. Christine & Madison focus on the talented artisans who’s traditional artistry has been passed down from generation to generation, which brings a story of hope with every product they offer.

It's so nice to meet you!                  
Mother & Daughter Co-Founders