We're On A Mission


We are an authentic Marketplace & Community Uniting to Fashion A Better World.

We Strive to Empower Women, like us, Free-Spirited & Adventurous!

Our business model is to work with Companies, Artisans, Villages & Individuals that are Making an Impact. A movement with a desire to add Style to a Life more Purposeful.

Women are the backbone of many societies & when a Woman is Empowered with Purpose, her Creativity & Soul is Free to Soar, creating endless Opportunity.  Hope is our message & Fashion is our medium.

Humanity is a Community in Itself, a masterpiece with billions of moving pieces working together to build a beautiful society. We believe HIGH 5 HUMAN‘S role in this masterpiece is to form a Bridge between the US and struggling societies Worldwide. Bringing Beautiful, Indigenous Artisan Made & Fair Trade products to the US Conscious Consumer.

HIGH 5 HUMANS is proud to play a role in Ethically & Sustainably Made Fashion Accessories by working with Women Around the World as well as Partners here in the US, who have a passion for change & the ability to overcome challenges ranging from poverty, dis-empowerment, to human trafficking. 

HIGH 5 HUMANS loves to support Fair Trade. The brands mission is to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities. We believe that these job opportunities lead to sustainable societies and a better world. 

Shopping small is very important to us....
We give opportunity & a voice to local handmade artisans here in the US as well as Globally. Our Mission is to connect our Consumers with Artisans in the US & Developing Countries; there is no better way to do so than to bring the creative communities passion together in a collection of meaningful products. Every product has a story & we bring those stories to life for our Consumers. It’s important to HIGH 5 HUMANS to bring an awareness to those that might not know the lives others are living outside the US.  Our consumers love the Human Connection of knowing the Makers & knowing their stories. Handmade locally & globally gives us a wide variety of products & cultures. A “Purchase with a Purpose” means so much to those that shop at HIGH 5 HUMANS.

With Gratitude & Sincerity,