We know Generosity is on the Rise.
Here at High 5 Humans we dream to do more.
Here's how your purchase is helping a special cause.

Madison and I are so proud that High 5 Humans partners with Fair Trade Principle Organizations Globally that train & employ hundreds of Artisans in marginalized communities, with a focus on equality, growth & empowering women to rise above life's challenges. It's an incredible opportunity for women of all ages to own and run their own small businesses, even in the most suppressed areas of the world!

How you are helping… The Artisan Cooperatives & Entrepreneurs we work with provide support to end the cycle of poverty for the members & their families. Health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions, and daycare… all part of the artisans opportunity to grow and rise above poverty. They are guided towards a better life free of domestic violence. There are literacy classes, computer training, and workshops on hygiene, nutrition, and parenting. All of this really makes a difference in rural parts of the world. Simple yet impactful training has changed the lives of so many women. A young artisan mother shared that prior to the training provided she never rode a bus because she could not read the bus numbers. Now she travels around Mumbai, India by bus without a problem. We love that these women are empowered to navigate their own lives, quite literally!

Fair Trade is not charity. It is a trade-based movement that focuses on creating long-term relationships based on transparency, trust and respect. High 5 Humans is committed to working with partners that provide fair wages and work with organizations that provide safe and healthy working conditions, job training, time off for education, loans and financial advising, opportunities for health care and most importantly a positive and uplifting working environment.

Happily, more and more consumers are asking for Fair Trade products and looking to make socially conscious purchases. This is just another way for you to be a nice human!

High5Humans and YOU are making this a better world.
Thank you so much for being a NICE HUMAN!

Mother & Daughter Co-Founders



Please shop our products and be connected to what you wear by reading just how important your purchase is to each and every women that created the beautiful products we sell. Look for the "HOW YOU HELP" tab on every product listing to LEARN MORE.