Moroccan Blanket Weekender Duffle Bag Tote
Moroccan Blanket Weekender Duffle Bag Tote
Moroccan Blanket Weekender Duffle Bag Tote
Moroccan Blanket Weekender Duffle Bag Tote
Moroccan Blanket Weekender Duffle Bag Tote

Moroccan Blanket Weekender Duffle Bag Tote

Bohemian Handmade Moroccan Bags tell a story of the maker, each piece is unique with variations in the characteristic of the leather & fabric, making this a beautiful, natural, handcrafted product. An eclectic touch is added with the vintage reclaimed wool, moroccan blanket fabric used to create this beautiful duffle weekender bag.

Fabric Patterns will vary. See Photos for two variations & indicate your preference on your order, vertical or horizontal stripes.

Bag measure  10" W x 13" H x 20" L
Strap Drop Measures 11.5" H opening
Genuine Leather Strap 
Vintage Wool Reclaimed Blanket Fabric
Extremely Wearable & Practical
Handmade by Artisans in Morocco

High 5 Humans loves to support the Makers of HANDMADE Fashion Accessories. The brand's mission is to empower artisans across the world by creating growth opportunities and giving every artist a voice and the opportunity for women to buy, wear and enjoy their creations. We believe that supporting HANDMADE brings us all closer as a society, creating a better world.

This bags is 100% Handmade by Moroccan Artisans, which means that each piece is Unique. Any variations on the handmade fabric and leather is a part of the characteristics of beautiful, naturally handcrafted products. Each piece is an original and one of a Kind.

Our Moroccan Partners are a part of the Moroccan Ministry of Handicrafts, they promote the Moroccan Artisans Work abroad to bring awareness to the countries cultures and indigenous crafts.

The fabrics and the hand-woven work of each bag is handmade by Moroccan Artisan Women in their homes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Artisan men complete the details of the final product by using the materials handmade by the women. Due to the rural location, work is not readily available and the artisan need our support & encouragement in order to help them to build their futures for themselves, their families, and the people of their village. Their Children are now receiving the education their parents have hoped for due to many of us that love their products and support their journey for a better life.

These products are Beautifully Handmade, Eco-friendly and Ethically Produced.

Our Leather: Premium Hand-selected, genuine Moroccan Skins, tanned with natural process that has been used for centuries. The marks & color variation gives the product a prestigious feature, and makes the item an original! All the skins are hand-dyed with natural vegetable pigments.

Why you should consider a Handmade, Ethical accessory....

By shopping ethically with Handmade, you support local artisans. You give locals the opportunity to rise above the big names with the scary hidden stories. Instead you are able to learn where your product came from on a more personal scale with beautiful stories about beautiful people.
Shop Handmade, Support the Artisan Movement!

High5Humans and YOU are making this a better world.
Thank you so much for your purchase & for being a NICE HUMAN!