Harmony Ladder Necklace
Harmony Ladder Necklace
Harmony Ladder Necklace
Harmony Ladder Necklace
Harmony Ladder Necklace

Harmony Ladder Necklace

Bohemian and vintage, simple yet bold… A clean and crisp look for any outfit.
A shimmering gold necklace that will cascade down your chest. Easy to layer for an eclectic look, we like to pair it with the White Stone Triangle Necklace for a fresh and simple look.

Bars measure 0.75 wide
Total drop 7”
Bars are recycled brass, plated 14k gold
Plated cable chain
Adjustable length 30-33”
Handmade in the USA

High5Humans loves to support HANDMADE Fashion Accessory Designers. The brand's mission is to empower artisans across the world by creating growth opportunities and giving every artist a voice and the opportunity for women to buy, wear and enjoy their creations. We believe that supporting HANDMADE in the USA brings us all closer as a society, creating a better world.

Here's the Designers story: Designers, business partners & Sisters, Kris and Kim both share a unique sense of style… a mixture of bohemian elements, sophisticated details, and a vintage flare. You'll see it in every piece they create in their CA studio.
These two designers Mother is their role model, a Confident, Creative and Stylish Woman, her influence is evident in the design of their jewelry. They are proud of what they have created and their accomplishments is motivation to keep on going.
This sisterly duo is powered by a creative drive and most importantly family... creating the lifestyle of unity & love.

Why you should consider a Handmade in the USA accessory....

Businesses in nearly every production industry, especially fashion, are offshoring their work outside the United States in search of cheaper and faster labor. By them encouraging Fast Fashion, working conditions become poorer. Business owners are doing this primarily for their own self-benefit. It is causing fewer jobs to be kept here in the US, which is hurting our local economies.

By shopping ethically with Handmade, you support local artisans. You give locals the opportunity to rise above the big names with the scary hidden stories. Instead you are able to learn where your product came from on a more personal scale with beautiful stories about beautiful people.
Shop Handmade, Support a Neighbor.

High5Humans and YOU are making this a better world.
Thank you so much for your purchase & for being a NICE HUMAN!