Concrete Fractured Circle Gold Necklace
Concrete Fractured Circle Gold Necklace
Concrete Fractured Circle Gold Necklace
Concrete Fractured Circle Gold Necklace
Concrete Fractured Circle Gold Necklace - Dconstruct - high5humans

Concrete Fractured Circle Gold Necklace

Lightweight & Beautiful Minimalism...
This necklace has many unique features; not only is it made from concrete, but it's accented with gold leaf for a touch of class. It's pure elegance & casual appeal makes this one of High5Humans most popular collections.

Made of recycled materials, light weight Concrete
Measures 18"
Handcrafted in Canada

High5Humans loves to support HANDCRAFTED Designers of Fashion Accessories. The brand's mission is to empower artisans across the world by creating growth opportunities and giving every artist a voice and the opportunity for women to buy, wear and enjoy their creations. We believe that supporting HANDMADE brings us all closer as a society, creating a better world.

Here's the Designers story:
Crafted in Canada, every piece is made of recycled material, manufactured in a unique, eco-friendly way. The Designers, Lisa & Sean, style is inspired by their love of nature, minimalistic design, and modern architecture. Concrete Jewelry is made from leading architectural materials. Both designers have no formal training in fine arts, but their experience in interior design and software development has encouraged their jewelry collection that features simplistic, clean designs and unique materials.

“All of this is something of an ongoing experiment that started when Sean made a concrete pendant for me,” says Lisa. “The piece drew countless compliments and attracted the interest of a local store owner who wanted to carry the jewelry in her shop.”

The recycled materials used would otherwise be waste… instead it is made into beautiful, one of a kind jewelry. These designers are striving to build a healthier; eco-friendly world… it’s about starting small, and building a future, brick by brick.

Why you should consider a Handcrafted accessory....

Businesses in nearly every production industry, especially fashion, are offshoring their work in search of cheaper and faster labor. By them encouraging Fast Fashion, working conditions become poorer and workers are treated unethically.

Small Business owners with ethical and environmental values are building their local community. By shopping ethically with Handcrafted, you support local Artisans. You give communities the opportunity to rise above the big names with the scary hidden stories. Instead you are able to learn where your product came from on a more personal scale with beautiful stories about beautiful people.
Shop Handcrafted, Support a Neighbor.

We often hear that small businesses are the backbone of job creation. Their value and the role they play in the economy is sometimes underestimated because, they are in fact, small. But the truth is there’s nothing small about the impact they have on our economy. Small businesses play a vital role in creating jobs & growth in the world’s economy.

High5Humans and YOU are making this a better world.
Thank you so much for your purchase & for being a NICE HUMAN!