We want to be nice humans every day, right? But, are we?

Well, the answer to that depends on what we think is nice! I define being nice with feeling good. The best way for me to feel whole as a human is to give back, offer my support, chase my passions and execute my belief that humanity is not always fair and I know I can make a change in the world!

Who's with me?

Well, if you want to directly make an impact today, I suggest you look at your buying habits and what's in your closet.

For me, shopping ethically is very important.

I'm Madison, co-owner or High 5 Humans and I am passionate about shopping ethically and being a nice human. It's important to us to give opportunity & a voice to the handmade artisans, here in the US as well as Globally. Connecting consumers with the Makers creates a community of support with a passion to bring more meaning to our purchases. I love the Makers stories, it brings us on their journey. Every product we offer at High 5 Humans has a story & we bring those stories to life for all of you.

When considering ethical purchases, a popular solution for shoppers hoping to make a difference is breaking away from fast fashion and buying from smaller brands that stock artisinal goods, often from abroad. Many studies have shown consumers like the uniqueness of artisan made products. People feel a sense of good when they buy things made by artisans that impact another humans life.

But hold on, if something is made by an artisan, does that automatically make it ethical? Well, in any industry, there are brands that excel, brands that could do better, and there's no perfect, foolproof formula to getting it right.  But, don't let this stop you from changing the way you shop.

As consumers, many of us want to make the best decision about the way we spend our money. It can be difficult to get the true intention of something when you’re reading a brands website. You want to know the people behind the brand, looking beyond the marketing. Getting to know ethical, sustainable, fair trade and handmade brands is a journey of education that is well worth your time.

For example, Fair Wages for the artisinal makers is a vital part of ensuring an ethical supply chain, which you want to become more aware of if you are looking to transition to ethical fashion accessories. But what is "Fair"? Fair wages can vary greatly depending on the global region and the cost of living in that area. So, look for brands that are passionate about humanity, the makers themselves, and support a decent living of the individual makers and the community they live in.

The most common way to decide if the artisans are being treated fairly behind a brand is to find the artisans voice in the products you are buying. Get close as possible to the makers to know their stories. Brands that put the makers in the forefront are passionate about helping them grow and prosper. Offering them opportunities to rise out of poverty.

It’s important to me at High 5 Humans to bring an awareness to those that might not know the lives others are living outside the US. Our consumers love the Human Connection of knowing the Makers & knowing their stories. Handmade locally & globally gives us a wide variety of products & cultures. A “Purchase with a Purpose” means so much to those that shop at HIGH 5 HUMANS.

I hope I shed a little light on a topic that you're interested in learning more about. I learn something new every day and here's a great source of information to peak your curiosity and awareness even further...

Take a look at World Fair Trade Organization's 10 principles of fair trade.

Thank you for reading!

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