This Will Change The Way You Think About Fashion

This Will Change The Way You Think About Fashion

IT’S SPRING and let’s face it, us girls are ready to shop and buy New Spring Styles that make us feel great! But hold on, before you break out that credit card and start your shopping spree, consider a strategy to shopping ethically. It’s not as hard as it may seem. Maybe just a little inspiration will help get you there. Here are a few documentaries to show you the impact You Alone can make in the Ethical Fashion Movement. Learn some facts, get inspired, and most importantly make an informed decision when you make your next purchase.


So many of us may have seen this one by now as it’s probably the most popular, but maybe consider re-watching it. It brings to life poignant facts about the fashion industry that we benefit from learning, retaining, and working to be a part of the change needed. Like the small fact that fashion is the 2nd largest polluter of the planet, next to the oil industry? Yikes! Or even better, that it’s the LARGEST labored industry on the planet which means standing up for change in our industry REALLY DOES affect people AND planet.


A short documentary on the future of fashion exploring various sides of the industry and exploring ways they are heading in the future. Get inspired, get creative, go be the change!

#3  | THREAD

Amber Valetta digs into the implications of fast fashion and it’s social and environmental impact. Gain awareness, know the facts and believe in our future.


Grab some courage & a tissue box for this one. This team sends 3 young Norwegian fashion bloggers into the heart of Cambodia’s factory life. Young women with no experience working in fashion or an awareness of what is a respectful job outside of the white collar world are extremely emotional when faced with the reality. The film highlights important issues that need to be addressed like the livelihood the factory job provides (or doesn’t provide) for it’s workers, however we feel it’s important to note that not all factory jobs are bad, just like we would assume a factory job here in America would be, and having spent ample time in multiple developing countries ourselves we can say there are many times you feel uncomfortable in that culture but it doesn’t give us the right to judge them. It’s one of the hardest soul checks you get when traveling in these areas.


Although not specifically related to fashion, this is one of our favorite documentaries because it really makes you think. This beauty on Amazon Prime digs into the very taboo question of how much are non-profits actually helping people or are they just sustaining a poverty industry? It’s important to us at HIGH 5 HUMANS to work with partners that provide paths for people through valued work where they can provide a life for themselves, their family, and their future. You must always think holistically when trying to change the world. 



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