Past your spring cleaning? Ready to make more space in your closet? We all go through our closets and find so many items we no longer want or wished they fit our current bodies or lifestyle. At one point or another we all choose to do a wardrobe overhaul by getting rid of what we no longer need.


It’s a natural process and I hope I can equip you with a few tidbits of information to inspire you to choose an ethical option of disposing of your textile waste.

 DID YOU KNOW?... Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, after oil & agriculture.

There's something we can do about that :) A piece of advice, I’ve taken myself, is to slow down on my purchases and choose with purpose not with impulse. Evaluate where your clothing is coming from, how it was made, as well as if it’s something you’d like to keep around for a while.

Buy Beautiful Basics & Accessorize 

So often, beautiful textile basics last a very long time when you chose to personalize it with special accessories that bring out your own personal style. There are so many handcrafted accessories to bring you closer to the makers and inspire all of us to make ethical & conscious choices when it comes to fashion.

A mind blowing eco fact I bet you didn’t know about the Fashion Industry.

Americans throw away 14 million tons of textiles a year! 

So, please donate the stuff you no longer want after your closet overhaul.  

So many insanely cool and eco-ethical friendly brands are bringing alarming facts about the fashion industry to our attention. The environment and people matter to these brands that inspire us. High 5 Humans is an Ethical Boutique learning new ways to make this planet and the people on have a beautiful experience.

Shop eco-friendly, cruelty-free & sweatshop-free.

Thank you for supporting High 5 Humans and the incredible women of Fair Trade.


Chris & Madi

Want to learn more? Visit the Council For Textile Recycling


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