Vintage Style With A Modern Update

Vintage Style With A Modern Update

Crochet Jewelry From Turkey

Our most Chic & Unique Collection of Hand Crocheted Jewelry. Crochet Necklaces & Bracelets are unlike any other jewelry you've ever experienced. Crochet Jewelry is a Handmade, Fair Trade Statement. Not only is it beautiful, it feels amazing on your skin... lightweight & silky smooth. The Artisans of Turkey have incredible attention to detail, superb quality, & soft silk woven comfort. Don't be fooled by it's delicate appeal, they are very durable and meant to last with timeless beauty. Perfect for travel & tangle free makes these our customers favorite!

High5Humans loves to support Fair Trade & eco-friendly fashion accessory developers. The brands mission is to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities. We believe that these job opportunities lead to sustainable societies and a better world.


Made in Goreme, Turkey… the land of the Fairy Chimneys.The Female Artisan Cooperative has a beautiful community within the scenic views of the stone fairy chimneys with a dramatic skyline to stimulate creativity within their valley. Villagers have turned the chimneys into beautiful fresco homes, which are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This group of women are inspired by their surroundings and so grateful to have the opportunity to bring their crochet heritage and stunning designs to you.

Many of the Artisan Communities we work with join together creating bridges of opportunities. Artisans & entrepreneurs in developing countries are given opportunity of empowerment by expanding their potential to reach a larger audience and bring you beautiful products.

Silk, Crochet Necklaces hold a story and heritage. Making beautiful jewelry, sixty women got together to form an Artisan Co-op in Turkey. They are doing important work, creating a community, a society of hopeful equability, working together to create beautiful crochet jewelry & contribute to their villages economy.

We at High5Humans are so happy to be taking part in their growth and working together to create beautiful luxury items. We thank YOU for helping all of us create opportunity with ethical, sustainable designs that are making a difference in the world. 

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